A Privacy Program is essential

towards helping organizations comply with PIPA, FIPPA and other legislated and regulatory privacy requirements.  Not all clinics are the same.  CTS designs a Privacy Program that is unique to your clinic.

Our Program includes:

  • A summary of the Privacy legislation applicable to your clinic to facilitate an understanding of your legislative obligations related to the protection of personal information you collect, use or disclose.
  • A high-level assessment tool that would be used to assess the current state of privacy controls. Someone in your organization could complete the assessment, or we could complete the assessment with you. Either way, it should be completed by someone familiar with the privacy legislation that applies to your clinic and it’s application in health care.
  • A gap analysis that documents the differences between what is required by law and what currently exists in your clinic. This step will drive your tool selection from the toolkit.
  • A Privacy Toolkit, which includes:
    • Privacy related policy templates;
    • Privacy related procedure examples;
    • Privacy awareness training slide deck;
    • Templates such as incident report forms, notification posters and other such documents required by legislation and by best practice;
    • A variety of white papers covering topics such as “Storing personal health information in the cloud”;
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) such as “What is the difference between Informed Consent, Implied Consent, and Express Consent?”
    • An implementation plan that provides guidance on the operationalization of the privacy program.

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